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European prize for the Human Rights Center
Monday, 22 June 2009 21:59
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–    To our repeated requisition no feedback was acknowledged from the newly established Ministry of Human and Minority Rights. We have regularly sent our reports, despite this – to our knowledge – they did not make use of the content of the reports. The Serbian press do not relate to our organization on a professional manner either, hardly ever informs about our work, or the problems of the Hungarians living in Vojvodina, if so it makes it by mostly creating a negative context. We are in an informative contact with the Hungarian parties in Vojvodina, in the course of our initiations we try to involve them by asking their support of one or two actual cases, as for example in the case of our petition formulated in connection with the petition for pardon of the boys from Temerin – said to our question Csaba Andróczky.
What motivates these young people after all? The hope that they can make change in the realization of the democracy and tolerance that is halting in many respects. In this respect a European prize may mean a lot to them.

(Magyar Szó, Erika Kabók, 22 June 2009)

European Citizen Prize