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European prize for the Human Rights Center
Monday, 22 June 2009 21:59
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But not only the anti-Hungarian incidents have been set as their goal. They pointed out the falsity of the public life by their periodical publication entitled Magyar Fantom (Hungarian Phantom) issued by the Civil Movement. The first number dealt with the situation of the press balance, the second one with the question of self-determination. They have also undertaken the mediator's role when they encouraged the Hungarian parties in Vojvodina to jointly set up a single autonomy conception, since thus in this manner their action might have been more efficient.  This initiation came to nothing then, but the time justified them. By the beginning of 2008 the Magyar Koalíció (Hungarian Coalition) has already been formed and the common autonomy concept was still ready. They have also campaigned for establishing the Hungarian university. It was made early, the fruit of this did not arrive yet, but we believe we do not have to wait for it for a long time.
No single organization took on the case of the sentenced young men from Temerin with one voice as the Human Rights Center from Srbobran did it. They operate a separate website about this case, but if there is a current agenda they focus on it. Recently they have initiated a petition that they intend to attach besides the petition of clemency.  They demanded the Hungarian parties in Vojvodina to sign this document. It is a shame to all those, who did not have the courage to do it. It is easier to sentence the abuses from the armchair than to actively take part in them. The Human Rights Center undertakes this latter one position also in the way that if it is necessary they clean the painted Hungarian place name panels, they prepare bilingual signboards, to point out that we have the right to this and it would be necessary to do it so, furthermore they deliver lectures about the bloodsheds in 1944 and about the European civil values.
However, this enormous work means almost nothing here at home. Their home appreciation has fallen behind, in fact they are distinctly neglected, they can feel and experience it day after day. For example, when the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of the Serbian parliament was formed they promptly wished to establish a contact with it by thinking, this is the organisation, which - from the position of the authority - can make something for all the cases onto which they only have the means to draw attention to. But they have a negative experience not only in connection with the competent ministry.