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European prize for the Human Rights Center
Monday, 22 June 2009 21:59
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– And I believe this work and their public creator power together with their courage creator power that they provide for example here for the Hungarian community made them eligible in any cases to such an honour be conferred upon them in the first year – emphasized Dr. Zsolt Becsey.
During the ceremony the Hungarian Consul General from Subotica, Ferenc Nagy conveyed the compliments of the President of the Republic of Hungary. He emphasized that at the beginning of his Serbian service he has already collaborated with the organization, and he is ready to this cooperation in the future as well. He praised the organisation's work made on the field of the protection of the human rights respectively on the popularisation of the European civil values.
Branko Gajin, the mayor of Srbobran was pleased to learn that a European acknowledgement arrived into their town. He said that besides the acknowledgement of the questionable organisation, it also raises the rank of the town. He talked about the importance of the civil organizations and the different nations' and nationalities' living together, saying that it is  the authority’s task to foster the tolerance, the opposition's to remind the power if it turns off from this road, and that of the civil organisations’ to look after its realisation.
The Human Rights Center based in Srbobran was formed in 2005 by separating from the Civil Movement and specializing to the protection of the human rights. Their activity until now is extremely wide-ranging. The structure of the organisation is not hierarchical, its five most direct colleagues Csaba Andróczky, Csaba Hegedűs, Rudolf Kiss, Karolina Nádi and Zsolt Süge do not claim that anybody among them would be superior to the others. All of them state that they are all the activists of the Human Rights Center.
There is no such an organization in Vojvodina that would have such a register of the abuses and other infringements happened to the Hungarian nationality like this organization has. So it is not accidental that when the President of the Republic of Hungary, László Sólyom wished to get informed about the situation of the Hungarians living in Vojvodina, this organization has also received an invitation. Their work is appreciated in the European Union as well. Their representative has also got an invitation to the recently kept European parliamentarian hearing. This organization is the one that informs the publicity if somewhere beating of the Hungarians took place, and within the bounds of possibility they also provide legal protection to the family of the maltreated person. Interestingly, no single penny did they receive from the support of the Szülőföld Alap as a support of their work.