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European prize for the Human Rights Center
Monday, 22 June 2009 21:59
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The European Parliament honoured the colleagues of the Human Rights Center seated in Srbobran with the European Citizen Prize

On Saturday afternoon in the city hall of Srbobran Zsolt Becsey, the Hungarian European parliamentarian representative handed over the European Citizen Prize in the name of five hundred million European citizens established by the European Parliament this year. The fact that the first such European prize (altogether thirty-two were assigned) was obtained by the Human Rights Center officiating outside the European Union, even more raises the rank of honour.

Dr. Zsolt Becsey (Fidesz, European Parliamentary representative), who has recommended the organization for this prize, in his opening words outlined that the organization became worthy of this prize because they do not assume the place of the politics, but the politics is motivated on the one hand with a mediating role, on the other hand with a fact-finding role, legal works, pure reports.

The colleagues of the Human Rights Center who has became worthy of the European prize (from left to right): Zsolt Sge, Csaba Andrczky, Karolina Ndi, Csaba Heged?s and Rudolf Kiss (photo: Dniel Heged?s)