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2010. mrcius 03.

Mr. President L. Sólyom                                                                                 

Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary                      

Dear Mr. President,

On 22 February 2010 the Hungarian National Assembly approved a bill submitted by the prime ministerial candidate of the Socialist Party that makes Holocaust denial punishable. As per amendment who denies Holocaust in the limelight of publicity, disputes it or indicates its act in an insignificant way can be condemned by up to three years in prison.

As the holder of the European Citizen Price, we consider it our duty to formulate our scruples in connection with the amendment, namely because it offends the right to the freedom of speech and it makes a difference between victim and victim.

It is especially humiliating for the Hungarians in Vojvodina, since in 1944 and 1945 the terror of the communist rule required tens of thousands Hungarian and German victims here, not talking about the expulsions of the hundreds thousands Germans and about those Hungarians who were murdered, expelled, imprisoned or raped all over the Carpathian Basin under the terror of the communist regime.

We have to say it straight out: with the amendment the Hungarian government encounters with the two decennial fights on the exposure of the holocaust in Vojvodina, on naming and holding responsible the people in charge, or on the rehabilitation and amends.

Please, exercise Your constitutional right and make every effort in order not to allow this humiliating situation to ensue.

Yours sincerely,

Rudolf Kiss

Human Rights Center

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