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2005. oktber 01.



The “ Civil Movement” has been recently formed. It formed from the “Délvidéki Magyarok Ifjúsági Szervezete-DMISZ”(Southern Hungarian Youth Movement) and from the “Összefogás a Fennmaradásért” (Union for Survive). Firstly our movement really has that aim to create a civil sphere but also we will struggle to establish a Hungarian University, struggle for the human (minority) rights, put an end to violence carried out upon Hungarians, to rise our community’s cultural level.

As it has been known these past three years the attacks on Hungarians significantly grew in “Délvidék”. Lately they have been trying to intimidate drastic manners against the Hungarians in “Délvidék”.

The importance of this problem induced us to apply so far known statement-politics and documents and above this to make a protest movement and to give voice this way to our dissatisfaction.

It is significant to emphasize that the protest movement is not a public group. Moreover it is not against those who committed these beatings upon Hungarians. It is against the police and the jurisdiction and for their attitude.

We think that the police and the jurisdiction aren’t doing their job properly and they are enabling to guarantee the safety and the personal rights for the Southern (Délvidéki) Hungarian civil.

The protest will be organized in “Szabadka” on the 15th October 2005.It will be held at the town hall square. We will invite to this protest the four parliamentary representatives from the motherland. Further the leaders of the Southern “Délvidéki”Hungarian Parties and the civil movement leaders, and the civil movement leaders from the motherland and from Serbia.

On the protest manifestation:

We will demand from the police that in those cases (in most of them) where there is national motive involved in the attacks, to threat it like that and not to undervalue it.

We demand from the police that in all cases where there are attacks on ethnic basis to take actions and to solve it in a short time and to find those who committed it.

We demand from the police that after the correct and rigorous investigation to give the case to the jurisdiction.

At the police compound they should take into consideration the given settlement proportions. We demand the parity principle enforce (multiethnic police).

We demand from the jurisdiction to punish exemplary those who made heavy attacks on Hungarians.

We demand a proper parliamentary place for the Hungarian community where there is number proportion.

We protest against all kinds of discrimination.

We will send our protest in writing to the Serbian Minister for Home Affairs, to the Minister for Minority Affairs and to the Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica.

We want to emphasis that if the official state organ in a short period don’t do all to stop the violence, don’t punish exemplary the perpetrators against Hungarians, don’t stop all kinds of discrimination then there will be more protest movements.

In parallel with the movement we ask for the International Observers presence at the area.

We want to ask the Hungarian citizens to join the movement! It’s about time to say no to the justice trample, to the beatings against Hungarians, to the negative discrimination!

If you decide to join until October the 1st then we will show your organization’s name on the flyers.

This way we announce to the public that the HHRF (Hungarian Human Rights Foundation) has begun their work.

The Civil Movement

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